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My Story

Karen Schuler Hill

I HAVE always referred to myself as a CeltaKraut because of my Irish/German background but when we relocated to California four years ago I wholeheartedly embraced the California lifestyle and now that more clearly defines me.

When I was 16, to the dismay of my parents, I started working in a restaurant kitchen. I guess I could say that my love for good food started there, it was an exciting time for me and I quickly realized that food would be my life. My hopes to attend the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park NY were soon dashed by some family issues. So I instead followed my fathers footsteps into the graphic arts and eventually made my way into another early passion advertising.

I met my life partner Ras at an ad agency and we jointly decided that being an entreprenuer was the right path for me. So when we relocated to the Bay Area a whole new set of challenges and opportunities arose for me. We both were raised in families that were conscious of their environment, so we quickly fell in love with and embraced the California lifestyle. It soon became very clear that I should get back to my first love, food and wrap all that California has to offer around it!

We wanted to incorporate all of the components of that lifestyle into a venture that would accomplish something good. Living in the Bay Area allows us to have easy access to delicious, healthy and natural foods. We have great wine right here in our backyard. And as we became more aware of our environment we started to recycle, reuse and compost.

Karen Schuler Hill

Practicing green living and sustainability have become part of our daily lives. What better way then to combine all of those components, my advertising background and my love of food and wine. D'Vine Crush was born!

I know that what I am doing will leave a positive mark. Not only for the company but for others I am partnering with. We will always do our best to use local suppliers and organic ingredients, our wine crate displays are made by a company that hires disabled individuals and our kitchen is part of a non-profit facility that trains the homeless in culinary arts and helps them get them back to work.

Living in the Bay Area is a constant education for me. I want to share what I learn and enjoy. Look for more products to come...I think the possibilities are endless.

Feel free to contact me directly at:

e-mail: kschulerhill@dvinecrush.com
phone: 415-860-0278


Karen Schuler Hill

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